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 Happy B-Day, Olivia! <3

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Olivia Romano
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BerichtOnderwerp: Happy B-Day, Olivia! <3 do mei 14, 2015 9:38 pm

Dear Liv <3,

First of all, let me say: happy birthday! I always imagined your birthday would be on this day. May, a beautiful month where the summer will start again. When I think of the summer, I think of you. Summer brings a lot of joy and happiness. To me, that’s what you always brought. Even though you are a piece of my mind, a non existing person in a world where I would die to have you around. For this topic, I chose 'Santa tell me' by Ariana, because that's the song I feel most comfortable with when we're writing, creating. Christmas was always your favorite holiday. Christmas, cute and innocent, just as you.

Because you are my better part. When I create a character, I make sure it’s a part of me, of my soul. I once created a character named Amber, she was absolutely my bitchy side, the side I’m not proud of. I once created a character named Carmen (not Carrera), a girl who was so insecure she didn’t want to speak. A big part of my youth I wish I never had. But Olivia is the part of me that I’m proud of: happy, cheerful, bright, maybe not the smartest kid, but likes to fool around. When she loves, she loves hard. If she cries, she cries hard. Being there for other persons, but also making time for herself. Choosing for herself at the moments she feels like she needs to. I’m proud I was able to create someone out of my better part, not only about my bad parts. And even though I changed you a bit on this RPG, I will never forget how you are. And how you still are.

You were my first character after I quit writing for two years. Not only are you the character I love the most, who never lets me down in anything I write with you, you are also the character I developed the most. Starting from a young and insecure girl, I see you now as a strong and independent woman. As some of the persons I talk with know, I like to make it hard for my characters. I’ve been in a lot of pain in my life, which I reflect in my characters life. Olivia was the first one who endured that pain. We’ve been through so much. We have been through my break up, we have been through yours. We have been through leaving places, we have been at the point were nobody even likes us, because people thought we were strange. But we never quit. We have been through everything. Together. When I feel down, and I feel like writing, you are the first one on my mind. You have the talent I wish I had: singing, dancing and being happy, even though your life at his lowest.

Picking Ariana Grande as your faceclaim was an instant choice. When I started developing you, Ariana Grande was there with her first album ‘Yours Truly’. She was all cute and young. But I always felt like Ariana Grande would become sexier, more mature. That’s what I wanted for you too and I did. Your development has been one of my best experiences as a writer. I’m not very confident about my characters, or anything, but I know you are a flawless character. And no one can ever make hate you, or not write with you.

Some people might think that I’m crazy for writing this letter, because you don’t even exist, but I don’t care. I don’t care what people think about us. You will always be my favorite character to write with, you will always be the sunshine in my life and I hope we’ll stay together for a long, long time. We started on a RPG, we went to another, now we are writing an amazing story with the person I see as my best friend.

I love you, Olivia. I am so proud of the woman you’ve become.

XOXO, Marlon.

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Carmen Carrera
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BerichtOnderwerp: Re: Happy B-Day, Olivia! <3 do jun 11, 2015 1:22 pm

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Happy B-Day, Olivia! <3

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