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 Dusk till dawn ~ Xavhyun

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Jung Daehyun
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BerichtOnderwerp: Dusk till dawn ~ Xavhyun za dec 30, 2017 9:35 pm

He had woken up after a long black out, not knowing what had happened to him. Assuming it was a while ago he had been doing things in this world, looking around him how everything had changed. The blond haired boy took in his surroundings. Trees even taller than they were before he had visited this place a few times, the lake even a lighter shade of blueish grey.
The boy looked around again, trying to remember anything, but nothing came back. Carefully placing his hands on the soft grass right under him, he tried to push his body up in order to stand. How long had he been lying on this ice cold shore and why was his memory lacking? Daehyun groaned, pushing himself to remember.

Once he could stand without feeling dizzy, he walked straight forward into the lake until the water came up to his middle. Maybe cold water would do the trick. Looking straight into the water, facing himself. He looked different now. It was different from the last time where he had shaved the sides of his head really short. Closing his eyes once more, slowly breathing the fresh air in and out.
Hearing birds chirping, deer far from here running around and the wind slightly going through leaves, nothing else seemed to be there but just him. The boy, who had to be addressed as a grown up man now, looked straight forward into his water reflection. His eyes had changed, so did his hair.

He was wondering if his other half was still alive or able to make him become full again like he had been. The only thing he could remember. Being a shapeshifter, half human, half jaguar. Daehyun couldn't feel him at all. No claws scratching his insides to shift, do something reckless or going down the road for trouble. It felt as if his precious half had died. Sighing he closed his eyes again. Maybe doing something reckless could force the other to be awakened.
Without further thinking he let himself fall straight forward, face down into the ice cold water. Immediately forcing a brain freeze onto himself, holding his breath as long as he could. Not fighting for his life, as he would do some time ago, he let the darkness slightly getting over him. Breathing out one last breath.

Forcefully, a screeching pain emerged through his body, jerking his eyes to open and glow a certain lightning bolt yellow. He felt how his feet regained their grip on the sturdy surface underneath him pushing himself with a seize out of the water. Beads of water flying around his posture, little droplets hitting him hard, while a deep, hoarse and loud growl left his mouth through his growing fangs. Arms wide, each one going far to a side and hands becoming claws. Memory after memory slowly slipping back into his brain. After taking another deep breath, a growl as loud as it could get, it had been written on his body. Daehyun was evolving.

~ Only Xav is allowed to post here if he wants.

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Xavier Beochan
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BerichtOnderwerp: Re: Dusk till dawn ~ Xavhyun zo dec 31, 2017 12:51 pm

the world is a dark place. Humans are born, they die and get reborn. To die again and the circle goes on. His blue eyes stare at the moon who so far away and all he could do was wishing that he died. Xavier lost his game of life.
The moment he was born, his parents.. no the whole universe knew. He would see death so many times in his life. But he would never die.
Xavier build himself a home at the ceremonial place of the shapeshifters. He didn't knew what happend. What happend to the world, to the creatures, to himself. Everyone had left and he was just here. How many days was it? He haven't seen anyone in days,
months, or years. Xavier couldn't remember were everyone gone to. He was just here.

At some moments he thought that everyone left with friends and with family and because he didn't had anyone no one would look for him en go away with him. So he stayed. Waiting. It wasn't true, the kid couldn't left him behind. They were... something.
Maybe nothing. It is true he was left behind even by the person he loved the most.
Or he thought he loved the most. Xavier didn't knew who he loved or if he was loved.
He didn't knew anything. He wanted to go home. Not this home, no the home were he came home. The place were everyone was. Were he had te run for his life because of a freaking magic stone. The place were he got mad at the kid because he did something stupid. The place were he felt loved and safe for no peculair reason.
He couldn't even remember his name. The kid. all Xaier could remember were the laughters, the anger and the lost feeling he had now.

Xavier closed his eyes to do his last wish for the moon, when he heard a roar coming from the woods. His eyes wide open and the beautiful blue color turned into black. There was someone. Xavier got up and felt his body load with magic power. He haven't felt that for ages. Xavier run through the woods to the ceremonial circle. There wasn't anyone. He keep turning hearing the sound of an animal. No not an animal, a human. A shapeshifter. Xavier heart pounds against his chest as he slowely walks towards the lake. A shapeshifter evolving was the most beautiful thing to see. "Hey!" He yelled, his throat sore, it was the first time he speak outloud. "Hey!" Xav didn't knew what to do. He placed his hands on the ground and around him came a magic force field. He tried to protect himself if the shapeshifter had bad intensions.

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Dusk till dawn ~ Xavhyun

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